the orang-utan librarian

idiotI’d like to take a moment after all that ranting to just praise one of my favourite books of all time. It is literally one of the best books ever written, so forgive me for all the gushiness that is about to ensue.

I read once that Dostoevsky thought this book was a failure- and to an extent he is right. It’s definitely not a perfect book. The whole thing is rather disjointed and the plot is all over the place. Then, at the end, it just fizzles out. It’s actually quite anti-climactic. But in a way these failings are kind of perfect, because they reinforce Dostoevsky’s message. The whole book, after all, is about failing. I have always loved the fact that The Idiot is a failed book about failure.

No one could argue, however, that the characters are unsuccessful. Dostoevsky masterfully exposes human nature. It is nothing short…

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