the orang-utan librarian

What another post? In two days? Even though it’s been a really hectic week? Well, my work (being amazing) have given me the day off, so I thought in between unpacking and a gazillion boring errands, I’d cram in another post. Thank you so much to Book Snacks for tagging me! I’ve been looking forward to doing this since I got tagged, so without further ado…

Alright, so the rules are simple. List a country, and then show which favourite book of yours is set in that country. You can use the countries I have used, add your own, or use completely different ones! (*I’m also going to be tweaking the rules a bit and use books on my TBR as well, not only books I’ve read*)

Let’s start with somewhere I’ve visited most recently:

denmark flaghitler's canaries

I’ve always thought this was the most beautiful book set in World War II, because it is full of hope, kindness and humanity…

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