the orang-utan librarian

Thank you Zezee for the tag! This is a nice short one, so I’m gonna do this fast!

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I’m going with Little Women– it’s cutesy and adorable, but it also has exquisite characters, a moving plot and a wonderful feel to it.

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Okay I really tried to pick between these, but I just couldn’t. Both had me in hysterics and I just couldn’t choose one over the other. So I’m going with both Mort by Terry Pratchett and Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. These were the first I read by these authors and both had me laughing out loud.

mort.jpganansi boysemoji silly

Yeah, I know I just mentioned Terry Pratchett, but I have to go with Wyrd Sisters– hey my blog title is a tribute to Ook- did nobody see this coming?

wyrd sistersemjoi confused

I’m gonna go with The Knife of Never Letting Go– since half the time I had no idea…

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