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p-s-i-still-love-you-9781442426733_hr*With Spoilers*

It’ll come as no surprise (to some people) that I’m a massive sap. I love soppy romances and cutesy relationships- so I really enjoyed To All The Boys I Loved Before. (I know, I know, with a title like that I feel kinda guilty for liking it, but what can you do?) It definitely wasn’t a brilliant book and even though I could see all the reasons I shouldn’t like it, I fell in love with the mismatched couple and sweet characters. It just worked for me.

That was part of the reason I had high expectations for PS I Still Love You. Don’t get me wrong, I hardly expected it to be the next Shakespeare, but I did hope for more of the same things that it had in the first book. In some respects, it delivered: I loved how she developed the sister-relationships- their…

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